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Orchid and Succulent Pot Arrangement

Orchid and Succulent Pot Arrangement

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Ceramic Pot

Our exquisite orchid and succulent pot arrangements adorned with lush moss exemplify the perfect blend of elegance and natural charm, bringing an enchanting touch of the outdoors into any space. Meticulously curated by our designers, these arrangements create a harmonious fusion between the delicate grace of orchids, the hardiness of succulents, and the rustic appeal of vibrant green moss, providing a captivating centerpiece for any home or office setting.

Your choice of small or large ceramic pot.

***Allow 2-3 Business days for delivery

Care Instructions:

Easy to care with 3-4 ice cubs of water every 7 days.

Place the arrangement in a spot to receive bright light, no direct sun to the plants. Direct sunlight might burn the orchid.

- Includes a handwritten card
- Local delivery only

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