“Creativity Involves breaking out of established pattern in order to look at things in a different way” – Edward De Bono

Every flower has a journey

Hello, I’m Luci. I am a wedding and events florist.

I love to be surrounded by flowers, to smell their perfume and find the journey of each and every flower. And for that reason, I like to create unique arrangements for you! I like to capture your personality, your style and colors. You might ask “ what flowers will I see in my arrangements?`, and I will name a few flowers, and the others will be the ones that feel unique. It could be something I saw at the market and it feels right to add it; it could be something I have in my backyard and it feels right. You will have to have some faith in me. I don’t worry you will not, because you are here and you know I will create everything from the bottom of my heart unique just for you!

Why flowers? I had a love for flowers ever since I was a kid, I just didn’t know it. A few years ago when I created florals for my friends weddings, .it felt so right in that moment, and so relaxing, felt like paradise. That is when I learned that flowers are my passion.

Now I want to learn more about you and your unique identity. Email me and can not wait to chat about YOU.. Until then, thank you for reading and I am very excited for the new journey of each and every flower that will come your way!

Contact us at hello@lucifloraldesign.com